IDS Toronto

The Kitchen & Bath Experience Unplugged

Now is the time to unplug from the element of design, colour and trends. Join the NKBA’s distinguished member panel and listen as they discuss the changing design landscape with respect to kitchen and bath. Hear the newest way in which consumers are buying and what we as designers need to know and do, to change our behaviours and perception. Learn how the European lifestyle emerging in Toronto is impacting the way we all need to address design. You will be empowered with five keys that will help gain consumer confidence.

Sponsored by:  NKBA Ontario Chapter

Steve Torok Founder, Creative Kitchen Gallery

Steve was the founder of Creative Kitchen Gallery Inc. (CKG). As an early innovator in his career, he appeared in the very early days of HGTV’s “About the Kitchen.” His obsession with cooking guided his desire to improve functional design when he was a renovator, custom home builder and kitchen installer. Grounded with this passion for food and design, he consistently explores new and innovative ways to create a more functional European aesthetic into every project his design team executes. As a member of the NKBA, he commits his energy to fully understand the client’s needs—the foundation for lasting relationships.

Rose Barroso Owner and Project Manager, Barroso Homes

A homebuilder often builds “on spec” which means they will buy a parcel of land, then build upon it, speculating upon the project’s future as they seek out a buyer. Unfortunately, building “on spec” can have a pejorative connotation.  But when Rose finds a site and embarks on its design, she doesn’t do what most spec builders do, which is to be overly “safe” by avoiding the inclusion of luxury into its design elements. Her company, Barroso Homes, approaches every project as a personal design-build home as if Rose herself is the owner-occupier.

Erin Jones Owner and Principal Designer, Erin Interiors

Erin is the owner and principal designer of Erin Interiors. With over 10 years, she brings her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to every project she works on, whether it’s developing and executing a full design plan, or sourcing the right materials. Erin guides her team to develop designs that ultimately fit her clients’ needs while ensuring a beautiful and functional result. In addition to running her own business, she keeps busy at home with her husband and three children.B